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Create Dropdown Navigation Menus And Submenus In HTML And CSS3

In this tutorial you will learn how create dropdown navigation menu and submenu with help of HTML and some CSS3 properties like-position relative, position absolute, display block and display none. [step:1] create a div with class menu. [step:2] their in div element start ul(unorder list) and li(list) tag. [step:3] In li start an anchor tag …

Creating A Image Slider Using With HTML And CSS3 Only

In this tutorial you will learn how to create an image slider using HTML and CSS3 only and without any javascript. here we use CSS3 properties animation and @keyframes for image sliding. [step:1] Start a div element with class box. [step:2] Their in div start another div with class sliderbox. [step:3] In this div call …

Use Multimedia Tags in HTML5 Audio Tag And Video Tag

In this HTML5 Tutorial you will learn that how to use multimedia tags in our webpage without use of any flash player plugins. The use of both tags is very easy to understand for every person who learn this. First The HTML5 audio element specifies a standard way to embed audio in a web page. …

HTML5 Local Storage API

In this HTML5 tutorial, you will learn that how to store your browser data locally in localStorage. localStorage API is a more secure then browser cookies and here we store large amount data locally. The Storage limit of localStorage is 5 megabytes(5mb) instead of web cookies storage only 4095 bytes(approximately 4kb). Some Steps About HTML …

Drag and Drop In HTML5

In this tutorial, you will learn the most popular feature of HTML5 Drag and Drop. they’re in the tutorial you will learn how can we drag an element and how can we drop it into another element. Here we use simple javascript functions for this and some events in HTML code. Some Steps About HTML …

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