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Advance PHP

/ Advance PHP

The Infonic solution is the place where we offer the best Jaipur PHP training. We have expert PHP trainers providing their expert guidance to students from 5+ years. Here you will get an affordable Jaipur PHP training that will not impact your pockets. What is PHP?

PHP is an open source language server-side language used for website creation and development. It’s the most popular and widely used language for web development purpose. Various famous websites and applications are developed with the help of this language. a world famous social networking website is also created by using PHP language.

Advantages of PHP:-

A) it’s a freeware language and anyone can use it for development purpose, no license is required.

B) The development cost of a PHP project in comparison to other languages is low.

C) It needs less space in comparison with java and other languages.

We offer following services in our PHP training course: -

Web designing: - We will teach you how to create a web page. For PHP, you need to have a client side scripting. For e.g.: - When you open, you see a web page with a registration form and login form with a design. We will teach you the designing of a web page.

The following things are required to design a web page: -

A) Html: - Html is hypertext markup language. To create a web page HTML is required. We will teach you the use of HTML in web designing with each and every HTML tags.

B) CSS: - CSS is cascading style sheets. CSS is necessary for making attractive web pages. We will teach you all the three types of CSS that are internal CSS, external CSS, and inline CSS.

C) JavaScript: - JavaScript is used for form validation. As for the better performance of a website various forms like registration form and login form requires a validation, we will teach you how to validate a form on the client side by JavaScript.

D) PHP: - In PHP, we will teach you all the core PHP concepts required for professional web development. It includes functions, arrays, strings, classes, object oriented programming, procedure-oriented programming etc. Our experts will provide you the best PHP training.

E) Database: - You will get a complete training on MYSQL. Our experts will teach you how to create a database and table, how to establish a connection, how to import and export data from a database etc.

F) SQL queries: - Our experts will provide a practical demonstration for each and every MYSQL query. You will get a complete training on insert/delete/update/select and all others queries.

Why Us for PHP training?

Expert trainers: - We have expert trainers who have worked as a PPHP developer as well as have more than 5 years of experience as a PHP trainer. You will get a high-class PHP training in our institute.

Affordable fee: - Our PHP training fee is very less and it will not affect your pocket.

Weekly/weekend classes: - We deliver training as per you need. If you need classes weekly we offer weekly classes to you, if you are free in weekends we will schedule lectures for you whenever you need it.

Quality practical training: - We offer digital services in PHP training. You will get 60% practical training in our institute. Our practical training will improve your PHP skills and soon you will be able to handle any PHP project.