What to Do After Digital Marketing Course?

What to Do After Digital Marketing Course

Previously people were more into offline business but now after 2020, the economic scenario has changed. It is because businessmen are striving to get their business online. Therefore more job opportunities related to digital marketing are lining up. Indeed digital marketing shows good career prospects so people are taking up the course and having a certification on a digital marketing course. But the question is what should you do exactly after completing the digital marketing course. To clear your confusion we have discussed in detail what way you can follow to prosper. 

To answer your question we have elaborated that there are two options either you can start your own venture or simply go for the jobs. Now first see as a digital marketing expert what can you do on your own. 

  1. Your own ventures 

  • Start your blog 

You can start your blog but for that follow these outlines.

Decide the niche of your blog and then get the name for that blog. 

Then you will require the domain and a server for hosting. 

Make sure that you design a logo as your blog will need that as an identity. 

Now you are good to go with the first article. Once published share that on social media platforms. 

  • Make your own video on YouTube for digital marketing 

You can start video blogging as well as digital marketing. Again remember these few pointers for that 

Create an account on YouTube. 

Create the name of the channel. 

Select your logo followed by describing yourself, and the channel 

Make sure to popularise the video on social media platforms 

Linking of the blog is a must with the YouTube channel.

Also, add a customized thumbnail as well. 

  • Start your journey as a digital marketing freelancer 

Firstly search for the freelancing domains such as Fiverr, Freelancer and open your account 

Talk about your expertise and skills 

Then bid for digital marketing jobs. 

After the delivery of the project, ask for feedback from clients.

Finally, proceed with the payment.  

Apply for jobs in digital marketing 

Now here get the idea of the jobs that you can apply for roles as described below

  • Make an excellent cv

The first thing that you should do is prepare a cv. Add all the necessary skills that you acquired while learning the digital marketing course. Don’t forget to mention the certification you bagged and elaborate on the niche you have mastered in digital marketing. Once done upload the cv on job portals and expect a call back from potential employers. 

  1. Job roles in digital marketing 
  • Seo executive 

You can start the job hunting by applying for the post of SEO executive. To master the job role, the individual needs to know the usage of Google webmaster tools. Note that a fresher you can start with this as the salary package is also decent. 

  • Content marketer 

The person offered the post of content marketeer should be able to deal with guest blogging, publication of e-book. Also have to know how to manage emails, copywriting. The salary for fresher content marketeer starts with 2,00,000 lakhs per year. 

Inbound marketing expert 

The inbound marketing expert has to create a strategy that will help to draw more customers. Thus, he is responsible for creating strategically enriched content. 

  • Social media marketing analyst 

In digital marketing, social media experts need to promote content on various social media platforms. These are paid types of advertisements so the social media expert needs to have precise knowledge on that. Knowledge about using social media supervising tools is very important. 

  • Email marketing specialist

After completing the digital marketing course, you can even join as an email marketeer. For that, you need to have a bit of knowledge on shooting mails, designing mails to draw visitors, skills of copywriting, and optimizing pages. Talking about salary as a fresher you can expect a CTC of 3 to 3.5 lakhs. 

  • Search engine expert 

To get this job as a fresher you need to have command on using Google AdWords. The main task would be to work under digital marketing managers and report to them regarding the analysis. 

Final say 

It is up to you what you want to do after completing the digital marketing course. Both the ways are open to you either apply for a job or start your own venture as a digital marketing pass out.

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