How to Find Good Keywords for Website

Every online marketer suggests different things to promote a website online, but one thing is common in all. It is focusing on keywords to rank content high in SERP. And you have to understand that, why keyword research is always important for seo. Now the thought is about ranking long tail keywords. Maybe you would have asked around about ranking LTK but did not get the right answer. We are going to reveal the secret of searching long tail keywords.

What is a long tail keyword?

We can make you understand by  following  example:

Eg. “What are the authentic tool for Searching Long tail Keywords 2015”

Here you can see that the complete phrase is different than one or two phrased keyword. The main advantage of working on the long tail keyword is that they have less competition compare to one or two phrased keywords (e.g. Blogging Tips).

How to Search Long tail Keywords?

Method #1 Google Autocomplete:  This is one of the finest ways of searching keywords that are ranking high in Google Search Results. For instance, Write, “blogging tips” in the google search bar. It will show the related keywords that are being searched on Google. Another trick is to look down at the end of the search results. There you find related long tail keywords that can be manipulated according to keywords relevance.
Method #2 Google Keyword Planner:  Keyword planner is a best free way to find keyword of your mean. Simply log in with your Google account and type the keywords what you want to use. The biggest advantage of using this tool is knowing the competition and monthly searches on different keywords (also called proximity). The competition does not mean to you because it is used for paid advertisers. However, a keyword with less competition easily ranks high cause few people are competing for this keyword.
Method #3 Paid Keyword Searching Tool: Some online vendors offer paid tools to make easy the keyword searching task. They show the chart of different stats attached with each keyword. The more detailed information assists to choose a right keyword for your website.
In next post will share top 10 keyword research tools also. these tools helps you find right keyword for your website.

How to Increase Facebook Organic Search

Organic Search:

Organic search is used for the naturally generated search engine results shown below the paid advertisements in Google SERP. They are not influenced through the partnership between any commercial firm and search provider or any other third party services.  It is unlike paid Google search, exactly where importance on a given platform can be purchased by a marketer as a commodity. The qualifier “organic” was invented to distinguish the real search results from the ads.

Organic search result

A free listing in the Google Search that appears because it’s relevant to someone’s search terms.

  • Non-organic search results are paid advertisements.
  • The ads above organic results contain a yellow “Ad” box.
  • The ads to the right of organic results have a yellow “Ads” box above them.
  • Analyzing organic search results can often help to identify new keywords for your AdWords campaigns.

Quick Difference between Paid and Organic Search Results

Paid results are forcefully placed above the organic search results. The website owners pay to the search engine for showing their website listing in the top search results. However, the users prefer to go for organic searches.

When a person types a phrase in google search engine it shows search results by grouping paid and natural search results. These natural results are called Organic Search results that are relevant to the user’s query. They rank higher in SERP through different SEO techniques.

Facebook for Organic Search:

Organic Search refers to how many people you can search for free on Facebook by posting to your Page. Your keyword research will determine whether or not your search optimization effort will be a success or a failure.  To reach the Facebook for Organic search, the link quality must be high and keep eyes to monitor performance and continue to optimize your search results.

How to increase Organic search on Facebook:

Here are some of the points listed which can be followed-

  • Develop your Optimization strategy
  • Build High-quality links
  • Monitor performance and continue to optimize your organic results
  • Use keyword variations as anchor text for internal linking and for this use top keyword research tools.
  • Create fan page
  • Share Quality posts and Increase brand Reputation

Benefits of Facebook organic search:

  •  Increasing Facebook organic search results can help to optimize the site.
  •  The Facebook organic search can attract more users.
  •  Improved Lead Generation and Conversion
  •  Solid links on Google can help to develop Facebook organic search.

HTML5 Helps To Boost Your Seo Ranking

If you are still working with the old HTML tags, it is high time to look further towards the advanced Version of Html 5 which containing many SEO friendly tags that are useful for Google Bot and Visitors. HTML 5 provides you an advantage to rank high in search engine results. It is going to be an advanced way that will make SEO easier. As the Search Engine Giant updating their way to showing results on the top results,  HTML 5 is an extra push to gain in organic search results.

SEO advancement with HTML5

  1. HTML5 sets up a way of instructing the crawlers to handle each link specifically. As you can provide them directions to give a special treatment of each web page. You will exclaim that how you are able to tell search engines about the language is used in your website.

<link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”es” href=”index.html”>

  1. A website can contain either plain text or rich content such as videos and images. However, we cannot say with full confidence what a website contains. Text content is easily understandable by the crawlers. And, so far SEO used “alt” text to understand search engine what an image contains actually. HTML5 extended this facility by adding two new tags “figure” and “figcaption”. Here is how to use these tags.


<img src=”abc.jpeg” alt=”My first website”>

<Figcaption>My first website</figcaption >


The primary difference between “figcaption” and “alt” tag is that “alt” text is not visible to the visitor, whereas the “figcaption” is.

  1. The HTML5 has several new tags that help search engine to understand the site structure very easily such as <nav> tag tells that where you have used the navigation in your website. Search engines give high value to the links under the “nav” tag because it has placed in the head section so that they are more likely to be clicked on. On the other hand, the <footer> which is the bottom of the page pass less link juice.
  2. Most of the web designers love to use flash to add a video in a web page. Do you think that crawlers can easily read them. Not at all. Crawlers face problems in searching information related to video reside in Flash. HTML5 present solution of this problem by <video> tag. Now there is not need of using flash. It also provides several ways to get search engine additional knowledge about the video using “subtitles” and “captions”.

Online Marketing Tricks To Increase Your Business Sales

Why digital marketing is important for entrepreneur? this question raise when we talking about business and The business runs on the concept of “test everything”. Don’t assume anything, just put your thinking on the plate of execution. Either you are a big player of online marketing or thinking of expanding your business online, you must be experimental. It cost nothing to you for experimenting with things that can get you great benefits out of them. You cannot believe in a single strategy until you test it. Testing things is the way of getting effective tricks to improve sales. We have tested several methods over the years and discovered some useful tricks that are really beneficial to boost up sales. By constantly applying following tricks, you will learn easy ways of doing online business.

#1 Offer One Product at Home Page: It is the best marketing practice to offer a single product with more features and advantages. Your strategy gives you a chance to optimize the entire page for a single product containing the complete description and feedback. This trick increases your sales exponentially.

#2 Register Your Presence on Social Media: The most popular social media platform Facebook can boost up your business sales. Fb pays less interest to show business content. It has some paid plans to run campaigns for increasing reach to the expected customers.

#3 Be an Active Bird on Twitter: Share your business activities on twitter and do not bound yourself just by sharing your stuff. Be engaged with other company’s twitter-handle. Respond to tweets related to your working area and if possible retweet them.

#4 Use Google Advertisement Program: Google also offers a large advertisement program. If you opt it and runs according to your requirement, you find expected growth in sales.

#5 Adopt Email Marketing: Prepare a fix format that contains information about your product and content of seduction to drive the recipient’s interest.

#6 SEO:  Why seo is best for website ranking? and the answer is SEO is a free technique to promote your business online. By promoting business on different web portals, an entrepreneur may explore the sales opportunities.

What is 301 Redirect And Its Role as SEO Redirect

In the easiest of “complex definitions”, a 301 redirect is a simple redirect from one URL to the other.

As an example, if your prior internet site was and you needed to redirect it to, you’d apply a 301 redirect from the previous URL to the new one. Whoever enters your previous URL will see the new url in address bar immediately.

A 301 redirect frequently referred as a “changing in address form”. If someone directly writes the previous address of a desired web page, then automatically transferred to the new url with the same page content. This all gets possible with the help of a 301 redirect.

Role of SEO Redirect

Server-side 301 redirects are redirection procedures used by web servers to convey to bots and servers that the actual address of webpage has been moved to another place and then tells the bots and servers to locate the website. Wherever the 301 redirect activates, it awares Google about the new location of the website.

Suppose you are doing SEO of a URL from last three months and made many back links on different web servers. If you made changes in the URL, then all your work that you have done on the same URL will go waste because now the URL which you have placed on different websites will point towards a non-exiting webpage. It will happen due to difference in between previous and altered URL. To solve this issue, you would have to put a 301 redirect pointing towards a new URL from the old URL.

The real benefit of 301 redirect for SEO purpose is that it saves us from receiving penalties from Google.

Which Career Course Is Better For You

Everyone takes birth with a different talent. If it will be directed in a right way, many can get success in their lives. In India, the career path selection is largely affected by the parent’s decision. Most of the parents want to live their dreams through their children. They wish a reputed position for their child. The motive behind this mentality is they do not want their children will face the same situation from which they passed through.

Everyone could not be a doctor, engineer, or an architect, however, our parents want the same and the candidates have to choose subjects against their will. Which career option is best, it can be only known by recognizing the individual’s talent or seeking counseling. If it can give a right path to career then guardians should take it into consideration. Maybe, they might not aware about their child’s priorities about the branch. In that case, attending counseling session can clear their doubts about the career option their child is looking for.

Parents have to change their mindset. Now the time has been changed as opportunities are waiting for talent. In the present time, you have more chances to make a career in diverse areas. Many reputed colleges in India are offering these courses and the actual goal of starting offbeat courses is to fulfill the demand of the market. Some offbeat courses in IT that are currently in huge demand are Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and so on. These are just examples. You are free to follow to your inner soul. Do what your heart say.

If you are not interested to join any full-time course, get admitted in an institute of your interest and follow your passion.  Some of the reputed institutes provide placement assistance just after completion of the course. If you are master of your field, you need not look back where you want to turn your career, it will follow your instructions.