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Start Part Time Earning with Google Adsense

Google Adsense is such a great way of monetizing your website or blog. To earn through Adsense, you need to join this program and Google provide you a script to be placed on website or blog. Everyone can make good money through this program if the website is flooding with high numbers of visitors. To attract a larger number of visitors, you have to work on two things

  1. Web site or blog content
  2. SEO


Now the next question is what sort of content should I place that will help to make good money. You may write about the things on which you have gained expertise. Google gives priority to the informative articles. So it is good to write on you have great knowledge of.


If somebody is not aware about web development, look around on the Internet. There are hundreds of tutorials are available that that helps to learn things from scratch. One of such kind of the easiest way to build a website by using CMS. The WordPress is a great example of popular CMS which is being used around the world to develop any kind of website. The following steps explain the entire process of getting an Adsense approval.


  1. Purchase a domain name and hosting from a reputed supplier. I personally recommend Bluehost as it provides complete support and the favorable to blogging.


  1. Setup WordPress on your hosting.


  1. Configure required plugins


  1. Write some informative and detailed articles.


  1. Before applying for Adsense read the Google’s Adsene guidelines.


  1. Follow all the requirements that mentioned in the guidelines


  1. One key point for getting an Adsense approval is Domain age. A six month old domain is helpful to get Google ads on your self hosted blog.


  1. Last but not least. Make use of white hat SEO techniques to promote your blog online. Social media is another great opportunity to attract more visitors to your blog.





July 27, 2017