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Social Media Manager Career India

Social Media Manager Career India

Priyank Dadhich April 13, 2021
Social Media Manager Career India

Are you willing to start a career in social media marketing? Do you have doubts related to its growth, career prospects, and advantages? Then note that in India it’s is growing and will grow in leaps and bounds in the coming years. In the meantime follow the article as we are going to solve all your doubts. 

Indian Companies demanding Social Media Managers

Companies choose social media platforms as the best way to interact with the targeted audience. Lots of activities like increasing sales, putting up high-quality content, influencing followers and evaluating results, driving traffic to the website, building brand is performed on social media platforms. 

Talking about social media platforms, at this very moment, the popular ones are Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn. 

Social media marketing is considered to push marketing. It is because here you are marketing particular products relevant to your customer searches. 

A business has to rely on social media marketing tools like Buffer to climb high.

Future of social media marketing career in India

Talking about the future or scope of social media marketing certainly, it’s quite booming in India. As per data, it is the 10th largest economy. As per the survey, more than 20 percent of businesses these days allot certain money for advertising on social media. Indeed social media is playing a pivotal character in advertising for brands. 

Considering the statistical input in India there will be about approximately 258.27 million social media users. The number is increasing and from this, you can see that social media is contributing greatly.

About 16 to 18 percent of the population relies on web-based activities. So it is presumed that the web-based customers in India will exceed the one compared to the USA or China. 

Therefore it is worth saying that social media marketing increases pan connectivity as purchasers are more connected to the brands. On the other side, companies can interact with the audience with the help of text, videos, pictures from any of their devices.

Skills needed for good career as social media manager

The social media manager is an individual who looks after the social media channels and accounts in a company. He manages the social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the major role played by social media managers is like tracking down social media trends and engagement, writing content for social media, looking after the campaigns to market the company on social media. 

Salary scope in social media marketing in India 

Social media as a sector is offering prosperous job opportunities. As more and more companies are taking their business into online platforms so they are on the move to hire skilled marketing managers, content planners, strategies, etc. 

Talking about youngsters they are also quite enticed with the lucrative job terms of social media marketing. Note that the salary range of social media managers in India varies. Now that depends on the experience you gathered, the highest educational qualification you have, your place of residence, whether you hold a valid certificate as a social media marketer. On average, the salary counts to rs 3,85,000.

Eligibility to become a social media marketer

Education qualification 

Well, there are no mandatory educational criteria. But yes if you are going to join a company be sure that you contain a bachelor’s degree. Even a master’s degree will also serve. It is not necessary that you need to be from a certain educational background. But again those from journalism, business management can find this job eye-catching. Besides having all these qualifications, it will be best if you seek a professional digital marketing course from a reputed digital marketing institute. 

Experience of the candidate

Being a newbie in the field you can apply for the entry-level position and work experience does not count that much. Work experience in the field of social media marketing matters whenever you are applying for a managerial position. Well before applying if you want to you can try out internship jobs in companies as well because that too enhances your experience. 

SMM Skills to have: To upgrade your skill from time to time you can apply for a certification program from digital marketing institutes. Skills that will make you work like a professional social media marketing manager are like 

Technical knowledge 

Time management skill

Skills to communicate 

Analytical knowledge 


Knowledge in IT

Decision making, problem resolving skills 

Skills to manage project

Final say 

The career opportunity for a social media manager is prosperous in India. You can try out to experience the best position as a social media marketing manager.  If you are looking for a growing field then you must start career as Social media manager