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PHP V/S .Net Which Web Technology Is Best?

PHP V/S .Net Which Web Technology Is Best?

PHP V/S.Net Which Web Technology Is Best?

A web developer has two major sources to create a dynamic website. These two sources are PHP and.Net. Both are widely used languages across the world, but which one is useful than another, it is a topic of debate. If one has given the project to complete, the developer either may use PHP or.Net. Both languages have some pros and cons that make them compatible or non-compatible to a specific project.

Let’s compare the pros and cons:

  1. .Net is flexible in nature. Its object-oriented features and the framework within it works, make it more beneficial to the programmers. This framework is an integrated network of many languages so that multiple developers can work collectively under the same framework. PHP is inexpensive and secure. It is freely available to the developers. Perhaps, it is loved more by the developers than.Net. PHP is a lightweight development environment, takes less space compared to to.Net. Nowadays it comes up with a bundle software (Xampp/ Wamp) that includes Server, Apache, and MySql.
  1. Both.Net and PHP are very scalable. Consider that Facebook, the second greatest trafficked websites on the planet, was originally developed in PHP, though MySpace, the internet site Facebook dethroned as the world’s most preferred social community, was designed in.Net. This illustrates that both of those ASP.Web and PHP are very scalable, as long as the program identifies, which one is to be used to develop the project.
  1. .Net seems difficult for most of the new programming learners. Its syntax is very complicated and even sophisticated to implement in a program. Candidates new to programming fear to pick up.Net as a core language to carry in hand for future job purposes. Anyone can learn PHP in a few days and may play with the code to customize the WordPress kind of popular CMS.


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