Do I need to join digital marketing course, as an MBA Student

Do I need to join digital marketing course, as an MBA Student

Digital marketing course after MBA is beneficial for students because it is related to marketing. It is the support of goods or services with the help of online media or electronic sources. Digital Marketing is a subdivision of customary advertising. It can be online, mobile, Radio, TV or some other type of media promotion. You can become a digi..... Read More

What course i can choose during my summer training


For upgrading the technical and practical ability of students. summer training or industrial training is included as a necessary part of graduate courses. The summer training or the industrial training prepares the applicant for his/her professional occupation. Summer training program initiates the applicant to the demands of the industry,..... Read More

Why students must learn theory and practicals both, how it helps in the interview

Due to the rising demand for better career and secure employment is the demand for good education is growing day by day. The stable increase in population has led to a lack of job opportunities and better occupation prospects. Unemployment & underemployment have become extremely common these days. To get better job opportunity one has to..... Read More

Trending Technologies of 2018, every student must know

As nowadays companies are only in quest of amazing engineering talent for their first level jobs. Because companies know that the number of technical graduates is much higher than last 5 or 10 years. The struggle for jobs is so high that fresher’s are ready to do any occupation of their core sector at any salary package, no issue how low it is. I..... Read More

What is python and why it is used for

Everybody, these days, seems to be on a horde of learning python. The motive why it is so well-liked is that it uses a language which by virtue of its classiness makes all the programs one writes suitable and simple to read. But if you are thinking of taking Job Oriented python classes, then you should make certain you invest in the top Python Tra..... Read More