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A number of students choose to pursue an engineering course in order to build their career strong. As the sway of engineering is on the peak, most of the students plan to do engineering after their 12th standard. Students research and discuss with their seniors, guardians, etc. and somehow reach the decision of opting an engineering degree program with a view of a bright future. However, not every student is able to make it up to a job with radiant package rather end up staying with a tag of “unemployed graduate”. Not every student with an engineering degree can get a marvellous job paying them a terrific amount of salary. Instead, students get to realize that they should not go with the mob mentality rather follow their own passion which they are good at. Besides, mob mentality and influence of other people are not the only reasons behind the students choosing engineering but somewhere family pressure or lack of knowledge also play a vital role. An all such small things come up with regret when the students have no job offer in their hands.

Engineering Graduates are not getting jobs! Why?

Nowadays, it can be easily seen that most of the engineering graduates are not getting a satisfying and deserving job according to their degree. Whereas there are also some grads that are not having any job at all. There can be various reasons behind this. There can be may possibilities of scholars of engineering are not employed and switching to other fields for making career. Here are the major reasons why students aren’t getting a job after engineering:
  1. Zero Experience- Yes, that might sound really absurd to many of you but no one can neglect the fact that most of the companies require work experience from you. Here the question arises- How can you work while studying in college? How am I supposed to have work experience while pursuing a full-time course program? Students do not get enough time to work as they already get free from college by 4:30 and that too with a heap of assignments. So logically, it’s insane to expect from students to working after college. However, work experience is a major factor if you really want to get a job. While you are seeking for a job, you must work earlier. As a fresher, no one expects from you to have worked in big companies but it is not also accepted that you haven’t worked at all. Students should work or do any internship while their summer break.
  2. Lack of knowledge- This is one of the most common reasons that students are not able to get a good job after the completion of their engineering. Generally, it is noticed that students study just for the sake of passing the exams resulting in becoming just another graduate with zero skills and knowledge. They keep on mugging up the theory in order to score well in exams and do not worry about the logic behind the theory.
  3. Lack of practical skills- The education system mostly focuses on academics rather than practical skills. Due to this, students focus more on the theoretical part and ignore practical knowledge. When it comes to placements or getting a job, the scenarios become upside down. That means the average score is acceptable but zero practical knowledge and skills are not acceptable and this is why engineering students are not able to get jobs.
  4. Weak basics- When a student is seeking for a job, he is supposed to have proper knowledge of his stream. Besides, his mind should also be clear with all the basic concepts of his field. Students, while mugging up the theory for 4 years just for the sake of passing, forget to understand the basics and deprive of getting a job.
  5. Students aiming too high- Job with an average package like 3-5 LPA is very less for the students. Whenever asked, the engineering students want a job in Google or Microsoft. But no one thinks practically whether they really deserve to be in such companies. Students after engineering remain jobless because they leave the job of small companies and keep daydreaming of being in Google with zero knowledge.
  6. Wasting time on social media apps rather than important ones like LinkedIn- Students generally waste most of their time on various social media app like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. But very few of them stay active on LinkedIn. They don’t use useful things and cry for not able to find a job.
  7. Not exploring oneself to more jobs- You cannot move upwards if you stick to one place. You have to explore things, places, to learn and rise. This is the same case with jobs too. You can not only stick to the limited jobs that you have applied for and keep waiting to get a reply from them. Rather you should search for all the suitable job for you and apply for them. This is the mistake students do of not applying to enough jobs. They give up when they don’t make it to the final selection in the limited jobs they have applied for.
  8. Lack of passion- Passion drives life. If you are not passionate about something, you cannot get it. The problem with many students is that they are not passionate about the job they are applying for or don’t show much interest in that. That’s why the chances of getting that job become less.
  9. Outdated syllabus- With the developing technologies, the world is also developing, but not the syllabus of the engineering courses. Students keep on studying the old outdated syllabus and not the new things and innovations. However, later on, they are supposed to work with new technologies. It’s completely insane to expect students to work on something they are not taught about. And hence, they lose the job before getting it.
  10. Prestige issue- Some of the students or families think that the B. Tech degree is more prestigious than the other degrees. They try to use it as a valid factor to ask dowry for their son’s marriage. Thus, such engineering grads complete their degree for marriage not for jobs.
  11. Demand supply- This is a simple rule of demand and supply that both are inversely proportional to each other. There are lakhs of students passing out from engineering colleges. Whereas, there is a shortage of employment. That is why the students get jobless after engineering.
  12. Lack of preparation- Let’s say a student is well known with good academics but not prepared well for the interview. He won’t get that job. Recruiter generally complains about lack of communication and interpersonal skills of the freshers. The chances of cracking a job interview decrease with less preparation.
These are the major reasons for increasing unemployment for engineers. Thus, engineering graduates keep spreading the rumours like engineering is a bad career or one can’s get a job after engineering, etc.

Life After Engineering

Several students join the companies they get placed at during the campus placement drives. Whereas many students don’t get any job at all. Many of the plans for further studies in their respective field while some students completely change their streams. Some students start preparing for government job whereas some decide to start some new business or join their family business. Not every student reaches the goal they have dreamt of while joining an engineering course. Not all students get their dream jobs after engineering due to too various reasons. This results in different situations and change of mentalities of students. They start thinking and telling people that engineering is not a good option for a career. We can hear many statements like- don’t ever think of doing engineering, the biggest mistake of my life is choosing engineering, etc.

What should the engineer students do?

After knowing all the consequences and reasons behind unemployment of engineers, the question arises is- What can be done now? What should unemployed engineer graduates do? The unemployed engineering graduates need to improve themselves in every field and prepare well for the jobs. Then only they can get a good job. Besides the core field jobs, there are also other career options for engineers as well. They can pursue various courses after engineering program or do some kind of internship to get some working experience. Moreover, many students decide on a career change after engineering and also go well with that. So, all that engineering graduate students need to improve themselves in the above fields and no one can stop them from getting a job. In addition to all that, students, as well as engineering passed out scholars, can pursue some kind of online or offline courses too. They can enhance their expertise and skills in any field relevant to their stream which can help them in getting a job. Every recruiter acknowledges those students who know more than others that too beyond the course syllabus. Thus, doing courses like digital marketing, web development, graphic designing, etc. can surely increase the chances of getting placed in a good company for a student. Besides, if you are presently an engineering student or a graduate and planning for doing a course for improving your skills; you are not much far from the best institute. You can get such online or offline courses from us.
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