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How to Find Good Keywords for Website

How to Find Good Keywords for Website

infonic May 15, 2019
How To Find Good Keywords For Website-min

Every online marketer suggests different things to promote a website online, but one thing is common in all. It is focusing on keywords to rank content high in SERP. And you have to understand that, why keyword research is always important for SEO. Now the thought is about ranking long-tail keywords. Maybe you would have asked around about ranking LTK but did not get the right answer. We are going to reveal the secret of searching for long-tail keywords.

What is a long-tail keyword?

We can make you understand by the following  example:

Eg. “What are the authentic tool for Searching Longtail Keywords 2015”

Here you can see that the complete phrase is different than one or two phrased keyword. The main advantage of working on the long tail keyword is that they have less competition compare to one or two phrased keywords (e.g. Blogging Tips).

How to Search Long tail Keywords?

Method #1 Google Autocomplete:  This is one of the finest ways of searching keywords that are ranking high in Google Search Results. For instance, Write, “blogging tips” in the google search bar. It will show the related keywords that are being searched on Google. Another trick is to look down at the end of the search results. There you find related long-tail keywords that can be manipulated according to keywords relevance.
Method #2 Google Keyword Planner: A keyword planner is the best free way to find the keyword of your mean. Simply log in with your Google account and type the keywords that you want to use. The biggest advantage of using this tool is knowing the competition and monthly searches on different keywords (also called proximity). The competition does not mean to you because it is used for paid advertisers. However, a keyword with less competition easily ranks high cause few people are competing for this keyword.
Method #3 Paid Keyword Searching Tool: Some online vendors offer paid tools to make easy the keyword searching task. They show the chart of different stats attached to each keyword. The more detailed information assists to choose the right keyword for your website.
In the next post will share top 10 keyword research tools also. These tools help you find the right keyword for your website.

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