List of Short Term Computer Courses!

List Of Short Term Computer Courses!-min

In India, several unemployed populations want to get the best job. They want to do some courses through which learn new skills and get the best job. In the digital India programming, PM Modi is announcing again and again that the youth should focus on gaining new skills rather than getting the only degree. He is saying to join a short term course of duration 3-4 months, which can provide you the job opportunity and improve your skills. Students, along with pursuing their graduation, can also do these short term job oriented courses so that they can get the best job opportunities.

Job Oriented Short Term Computer Courses!

There are many advantages to studying short term computer courses. The main feature is that the duration of the course is less, which is possible to complete quickly and you can take up the job soon after completing the course. Another advantage of Short term job oriented courses is that you can pursue these courses along with your main course. You can also pursue these short term computer courses during vacations. There are several computer institutes in India those are offering these short term computer courses. You will here come to know about several short term job oriented computer courses. These short term courses will surely help you learn new skills and knowledge, which is essential for getting the best jobs.

Before taking a look at the main list of short term computer courses, you must know some prominent figures and facts about these short term computer courses. Generally, these short term courses are of three to six months. Sometimes, some courses are even less than this duration. The duration of these courses depends upon the institutes and the way of teaching. You can get a diploma and certification after completing these short term computer courses. Certification of the courses also depends upon the institute.

List of Short Term Computer Courses!

SEO Digital Marketing Course:

Every company under digital marketing manages its social media page, Facebook, and LinkedIn. So, a company needs social media executive to manage social media pages. Thus, the students think about such a diploma course in which they can learn about SEO digital marketing. Students look for 5-6 months course of SEO digital training.

Graphic Design Course:

Graphic designing includes banner tracks, logo designing, and all. There are many career opportunities for Graphic Designing. Students whose mind does not work more in programming can choose this course and will get the best career options after this short term course. Students can do this course along with their graduation. Students should not rush behind money after 10th or +2, though they can complete their class along with pursuing their graduation. Your education is an essential part of your life, but it can only provide you theoretical knowledge, but with the help, of course, you can also get practical experience through the technical session. However, then industrial training is necessary for every professional course. So there are various Computer courses for graduates that students can join along with their graduation.

Creative Writing:

English medium students do not have to make extra efforts in creative writing. Creative writing includes content writing. If a student’s thought process is good and can work with dedication on any writing project, then students can smoothly go for a creative writing course. Students who want to earn more without going out of their home can go for content writing job quickly. They can also make through freelancing under content writing. Nowadays, there is an excellent scope of content writing in digital marketing. In the process of digital marketing, companies promote their products through effective content on their websites. So, companies need skilled and professional content writers for their companies.

Web Design and Development Course:

It is a trending course in India. There are so many career opportunities under web designing and development course because this field has not reached the point of saturation. It is effortless getting practical knowledge in this course. If students invest their six months even after their 10th or +2, they can earn better under this field even by sitting at their home.

Application Development and Design Course:

In the era of mobile, internet, and smartphones, App Development and design course are essential. Every small and big company finds it necessary to have their own apps with the increase in internet and smartphones.  So the companies need creative and skilled app designers and developers to work for them. Thus, students can join this short term course of 6 months duration. Students can get various job opportunities under App designer, app developer, UI designer, E-Commerce sector, Game tester, and app tester after app development and design course.

CADD (Computer-Aided Design and Drawing):

This CADD, short term course is beneficial for students who have a technical background. However, all students can pursue this course to gain knowledge and skills. This course covers CAD software and programs like Fusion 360, AutoCAD, and Infraworks. Students can get various job opportunities under drafting and creating efficiencies.

DTP Course:
This short term course includes learning of all computer applications and how to create documents like cards, banners, book covers, brochures, books, manuals, etc. DTP deals with designing and printing all these. Students can join this short term course and will learn about Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, and Adobe Page Maker.


Through graduation, students can only learn theoretical knowledge about all aspects which does not help them to get the best job in the future. All they need is the practical knowledge which either they can get from the industrial training in the technical courses, or they can join any short term job oriented courses. Every student does not go through industrial training, so they can join these short term courses of the duration of 3-6 months to get the practical knowledge of every concept of Computer Applications.

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