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Paid Marketing or SEO Which is Best for Lead Generation

Paid Marketing or SEO Which is Best for Lead Generation

infonic April 8, 2021
Paid Marketing or SEO Which is Best for Lead Generation

Before starting marketing of a project it is a doubt that whether to follow paid marketing or SEO to get more leads. Else simply integrate both the SEO and paid marketing to get a combined result in terms of revenue, increase sales, and generating leads

Whenever you are doing marketing or selling a product the end criteria is to gain customers. Before getting into detail either we choose SEO or paid Ads for lead generation. Lets understan. There are two approaches that we follow to reach our targeted audience. Here the first approach is pull marketing and the second one is push marketing. 

  • Pull marketing: Here the customer will reach the company by searching through products. They can reach you through Google or any other platform. 
  • Push marketing: Here you follow a compelling approach to sell your product. Like if a customer is browsing through Facebook or other social media platform they come across certain ads and these ads ad pushed by you so that customers get enticed to the product. And if he likes he can purchase that 

The basic difference between Paid Ads and Seo

  • In the case of PPC, SMM or any other paid marketing, you need to pay to run the project while SEO is for free.
  • PPC (Paid Marketing) gives instant lead generation but SEO takes more months and depends on the keyword difficulty. 

Paid Marketing V/S SEO which is best for lead Generation

Here I want to clarify the fact that both strategies have their pros and cons. and you cant straight say that paid marketing or SEO is best because it depends on the nature of the business, how much marketing budget you have. and whats your goal means either you are looking for a brand creation or just short term goal is there.

  1. Product-based and service-based 

Seo is a long-term process while PPC short-time strategy to generate leads. That is why you need to understand the nature of your business very nicely before selecting PPC or Seo.

For example, there is two business. Suppose you want to sell mobile cases as a product. Now on the other side, you have a cleaning service company. Well, understand that for product sales the things change easily and it is a short-term commitment. But service-oriented business is for the long term and the fundamentals do not change soon.

Now suppose you want growth in product selling within the short term then you can rely on PPC initially while starting the digital marketing. Make sure to run the PPC for say 3 to 4 months. 

But for service-oriented business, it is better to go for SEO as you can afford both time and budget to make a big brand. Remember that the initial cost of the SEO is a bit expensive. In that respect, you need to ensure that you have already included the budget in your expenditure. 

  1. ROI 

In terms of PPC

Suppose you took a product and that product is rs 100 and you have to sell the product for saying rs 200. Now the profit you can make there is rs 100. The CPC you are getting from there counts to rs 2 which you need to afford for that. Therefore to reach rs 100 you need to have 50 clicks. Now suppose you don’t have to wait for 50 clicks and you get the result within 10 clicks then logically you had to spend rs 20 for the 10 clicks. So you can earn a net profit of Rs 80. Remember that here you can perform well with the help of the PPC ads if you optimize the campaign in the proper manner. but it also happens that if your CPC is high and the profit margin is less then PPC will not work. Although it depends on keyword selection, location targetting and many more

  1. Budget

Well if you talk about SEO then either you will do it yourself or you will hire any professional SEO agency. In both cases, you have to wait patiently.

Talking about SEO budget is a long-term thing. Suppose you hired an agency and you have booked for 3 months. Say the project price is 20,000 rs and within 3 months it got exhausted. But somehow you did not get that desired output because technically SEO shows result after 4 months. 

On the other hand, you want to have results within 3 months then it is better to rely on the paid marketing where you will see that the sales start instantly. 

Note that if you are working for a service-based industry, then you can do one thing that works out parallelly. That means initially start with SEO then you can move on to PPC. 

  1. Depends on the project 

Whether to have SEO or PPC depends on the project Suppose In the case of blogging If you want and have the budget for 3 months then you can start with SEO. On the other hand, if you consider the fast-paced progress of e-commerce projects then you can see that both SEO and paid marketing can work hand in hand. 

  1. Campaigning the product 

Remember that if you run the PPC campaign successfully automatically it will increase the SEO score. And your organic ranking will also enhance. So now you don’t need to spend on PPC. 

Final say 

Some fields prefer PPC while some SEO. But both are the combination of pull and push marketing and for complete results and take advantage of the era of digital marketing you must do both PPC and SEO with proper planning and calculating finance, profit margins with strategic planning

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