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Why Keyword Research Is Primary Task In SEO?

Why Keyword Research Is Primary Task In SEO?

infonic May 15, 2019
Why Keyword Research Is Primary Task In SEO

Why Keyword Research Is Primary Task In SEO?

Keyword research is one of the important activity of SEO along with content marketing and link building. When the user writes a particular thing in search engine and gets relevant results so, the word or sentence user typed in the search engine is called Keyword.

Example – If you write “SEO training” in the search engine then it is keyword and relevant results will come. Effective keyword research tool helps to optimize top rank and attract more traffic. Huge traffic on a website gives more revenue.

Use proper tools to identify your keywords is very important because it may lead or decrease your website ranking. You have to find out what people search and then you will be leading the market. By knowing the user’s query you can satisfy both user and your requirements. The keyword user search more in your industry also known as powerful keyword

Things Should Do Before Keyword Research or how to find powerful keywords-

If you are doing keyword research or deciding keyword for your business then make sure you ask these questions to yourself to get strong keyword –

Is my keyword similar to user searches?

is this keyword same as user search to reach my website?

Is this keyword satisfy my goals and helping in high revenue?

Is my keyword target that audience for which I am looking?

Is my keyword best for the current market scenario?

If you are able to answer these questions then your keyword is strong and suitable but if not then it’s time to change your keyword and again follow the same procedure to get the correct keyword.

Why Log tail Keywords Are More Preferable In SEO?

Your keyword must be long tail because it will give you more specific and desire result. First, we understand with an example that, what is long-tail keywords. Example – Suppose you search for PHP then you will get lots of results which link with PHP word but if you search “PHP training in Jaipur” then this is more specific and you will get a more accurate result for which you are looking for.

If a keyword is specific will help you to get a more relevant crowd and get desire traffic on your website. A keyword must be accurate and specific but one more thing you have to notice that it must be in competition because if keyword is such specific that nobody search then it is waste and you will not get any traffic or profit.

Why Finding Correct Keyword Is So Difficult?

To find a specific and accurate keyword which ranks in the search engine is the most difficult task because your website rank depends on keyword accuracy. You have to research on those keywords which attract user and money maker. You have to analyze the current market scenario and find out what is competition level for your keyword and how many competitors working on the same keyword.

If your keyword is too strong for competition and nobody finds you then your all efforts of keyword research and SEO techniques is waste and you will be unnoticeable.

How SEO Tools Help To Improve Ranking?

There are so many SEO google research tools available in the market which help to get a higher rank on a search engine. Free keyword research tools are also available. This tools analyze the market and provide a specific result for keyword research and other aspects. Seo, google keyword tools simplify your process and answers that questions which unable to find. some of the keyword research tools are Ahrefs and SEM Rush.  If you are a serious internet marketer and want to find profitable keyword for your business then you must buy these and take advantages of technology.

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