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Is digital marketing in demand

Is digital marketing in demand

Priyank Dadhich March 31, 2021
Is digital marketing in demand

After Covid, Digital Marketing increased very much in India, and even it’s very demanding in near future also, Career scope and future is very bright for freshers. but most of the entry-level students asked this question is the scope of digital marketing is demanding and will it increase in the future, so just continue with this article it will clear all your doubts.

Selecting the right career path is not easy as you always look for jobs that offer security and stability. In that case, considering the present pandemic situation where people are forced to resort to online mediums are taking to online platforms to do business. Now, this shift in the job trend has opened many locked doors and more job opportunities in digital marketing have popped up. Considering the positive aspect of digital marketing you can see it’s booming and will continue to boom beyond 2021. So let’s see get some idea on digital marketing evolving world, future and its demand. 

New Digital Marketing Trends are in Demand

You can consider this one of the possible reasons that why digital marketing will be in demand. The most important is that it is an exciting journey for the digital marketeers because he will get the opportunity to explore new trends and develop experience in various niches of digital marketing. 

The digital marketeer gets a chance to discover new things that helps them to establish the online presence of the brand. The advancement in search engines, let the digital marketeers leg up with new updates to increase the ranking. Now here they get the opportunity to work as strategists. As you can see each level of digital marketing is filled with excitement. 

Demanding Skills required in digital marketing field in future 

  • Knowing Google analytics 
  • The strategy of making contents 
  • Learn to take leverage of the videos 
  • Marketing the Emails 
  • Creating Funnels & Understanding Buyers Journey

Why digital marketing jobs are in great demand in the future? 

An offline business would be there as it has been ruling the market for a long. But yes online business like digital marketing is taking the seat because of its analytical aspect and affordability. 

With digital marketing, the marketing managers are getting the chance to have the exact data on the customers, like the place they belong to and what type of task they are doing on the website. Now, this information is helping the managers to see an increment in return of investment. Indeed digital marketing follows data-driven technology which allows the digital marketing professionals to stand worthy. And digital marketing leaders can discover which strategy is working best. The future of digitAl marketing is bright as it is completely based on data and does not entertain any guesswork. 

Statistical Idea on the demand of digital marketers 

As per researchers, there will be more than 8,60,000 job opening in the field of digital marketing. Opportunities will be there in the field as a content strategist, SEO analyst, social media expert. As there are so many options in digital marketing so it’s obvious that the job demand is high in digital marketing. The future will. E prosperous and it’s the right time to enter the market. Digital marketers with such proper digital marketing skills can have a chance of 45.9 percent in the field of social media marketing. The rise in demand for digital marketing jobs in the field as social media marketeer saw a rise of 116.4 percent. Precisely, Instagram and social media optimization will show an increment of 28.4 percent and 26.2 percent respectively. 

Demand in the role of senior digital marketers

Over a year, there has been an increase in the demand for digital marketing jobs, so a surge can be seen for senior digital marketers. An increment of 13.8 percent is expected for the post of CMO. While the post of brand strategist and director will see a rise of 9.9 percent and 10.6 percent respectively. In comparison to 2020, this year the boost will be around 10.8 percent. 

Note that a huge demand is seen in the field of digital marketing internships as well. An increment of 13.6 percent can be seen in the coming years for the post of digital marketing intern experts. 

Final say 

These details entail digital marketing is a lucrative field with amazing opportunities. Certainly, digital marketing will be in demand but you need to master the skills that you will require the most in the coming years to reap the leverage of digital marketing.