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Is Coding Skill Necessary in Digital Marketing Job?

Is Coding Skill Necessary in Digital Marketing Job?

infonic April 5, 2021
Is Coding Skill Necessary in Digital Marketing Job

I’m not from a technical background and have not mastered the skill of coding. Should the digital marketing industry be for me of now? Is It Required to having coding knowledge for a career in digital marketing. I am not an engineer and even don’t know about website development and all will it be congenial for me to continue in the field of digital marketing?  If you also have such kind of questions in mind you must read this article with concentration because your every single doubt will be clear there.

Company Structure – Coder & Digital Marketer Positions

To understand what is digital marketing and how it works in a company or for comprehending the project flow one needs to have a clear picture of the company as a whole and how each department in the company work on their segregated task. 

  • Software Development team 

The software development team in the company uses their programming expertise to develop software. They work in collaboration with designers who make sure that the website pages are eye-soothing. 

  • Testing team 

They will test the software crafted by the software development team. They look after the software quality and undergo a thorough bug test before the deployment of the software. Both manual and automated tests are performed to prevent any kind of software dilemma in the future. 

  • Project manager 

In an organization project managers are accountable for managing the projects and ensuring that the projects would be completed within the said time and within the said budget. 

  • Sales 

The main motive of the sales team is to help the company meet its target. The goal is to generate revenue by selling the product. 

  • Digital marketing 

The digital marketing team works on developing an online strategy for marketing the product online. Digital marketing managers look after the progression of a project. Additionally, ensure that the campaign will be executed smoothly. 

Is Coding Knowledge required for Digital Marketing Career ?

The answer is that it is not compulsory at all for a digital marketeer to know about coding. As discussed above company have a software and website developer position, so he does coding work. Digital marketers don’t have to do coding. No coding skills required at starting of your career

In this regard, we will say that a core digital marketer does not need to master coding. But yes needs to have sound and clear knowledge of the technical term. In any company, there is a programmer who develops the site. But digital marketeer himself is accountable for generating sales and revenue for the site so he will take the help of the coder to make some necessary changes on the site. To do that a digital marketer needs to have a clear understanding of the technical vocabs so that the coder can understand what to do exactly. 

For example, you saw a message like redirection 301 so as a digital marketeer you need to know these technical terms. But yes you need to know these things otherwise you may face the problem. Note that this is about coding knowledge but some terms. But as you go on experiencing digital marketing you will be introduced to these terms every day. No doubt that a minimum learning of HTML adds a lot to your knowledge. This will help you understand meta tags, H1 tags. Also, find out a certain script from the code without the help of the developer. 

If you don’t know about any programming terms, then nothing to worry about because after working for 6 months you can learn. But yes you have to understand the use of these technical terms, the purpose of using them. 

Having an understanding of programming will help you in these ways 

  • It will help you understand how codes work from an analytical perspective. Having said that it helps you do the work yourself without taking help from the development team and that prevents work delay. 
  • Have a clear understanding of which part is working and which needs reworking 
  • An experienced digital marketer with a bit of programming knowledge can help the company to save both their investment and time. 
  • Comprehending the code structure will help you communicate with the development team
  • For doing Seo you may need programming skills such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS


For running ads such as Google ads you don’t need that. Even coding skill is not mandatory for putting up social media ads as well but if you have sound knowledge of coding or theoretical idea how code works then it will be an advantages

Final say 

Yes, minimum understanding of programming knowledge is important but you do not need to be a professional coder. Again yes knowledge about the technical vocabulary is important.

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