Infonic Experts Have Launched Video Tutorials in Hindi to Help All Students

Infonic Experts Have Launched Video Tutorials In Hindi To Help All Students-min

Infonic Training and Development Center has been dealing in providing quality education to all students since 2012. This institute offers coaching and training to almost all job oriented courses in Jaipur. In 2019, we felt that there are many backward areas where the students’ lack of computer education. Some students and candidates do not want to join coaching center and want to do self-study. For such students and candidates, we have launched a new YouTube channel in which our experts upload videos in Hindi. Through this YouTube Channel, students can learn many job oriented courses like website designing. This channel is free of cost. Regular students of Infonic Training and Development Center can even take advantage of this YouTube Channel.

Sometimes, students who are taking regular classes at the center do not feel fluency of the training in them, so they are unable to memorize new concepts in the classes. Thus, students can go through Hindi video tutorials at YouTube Channel to remember all the concepts. Students can learn PHP, Java, C++, Web designing, App development, and many more through the videos. These video tutorials contain every concept from basic to advance. Students and candidates get fluency regarding all the courses through videos. Students can become master by watching videos again and again. Whenever you will prepare for the interview or go for the interview, then you can show your experience there because you are master in that programming and course by watching the video tutorials again and again.

Why are these video tutorials specially made in Hindi?

These video tutorials are exclusive and made in Hindi because the number of video tutorials on the other channels is only available in English, so some students in India fell difficulty to understand the videos in English. In Hindustan, maximum students, especially of rural areas, are of Hindi medium. We socially aim to assist every student who cannot reach our institute or who cannot afford online training for website development. So, such students can learn enough more through these video tutorials. You can also contact out PinkCityJobs Consultancy which will help you for the better placement.

Some Categories of Video Tutorials over YouTube Channels!

Some of the categories of video tutorials on our YouTube channel are HTML, JavaScript, web development, and many more. If you join offline classes for all at Infonic Training and Development Center, then you can also do a Diploma course for different duration’s. We provide a diploma course for three months, six months, and one year in which we provide training of courses from basic to advance level. However, if you cannot come at the institute or you are already taking coaching from any other institute and do not getting clear some of the concepts, then you can go through our YouTube Channel for different video Tutorials in Hindi. By watching these videos, again and again, your all concepts will get cleared, and even if you are having some doubts regarding the concepts, then you can also comment in the comment box under the video.

Importance of Hindi Video Tutorials to Students!

Whether recorded or live video tutorials are essential to the students because these videos add dimensions for learning all concepts. It makes the educational experience of students more productive. Students feel like they are sitting in a classroom, and these videos offer them different perspectives and tools which students may not usually get by joining the offline classes. So, students can take many advantages of Video tutorials;
1. Distance learning
2. Repetition
3. Interactivity
4. Multimedia Aids

Effectiveness of Educational Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are an essential part of the students’ learning life for higher education. These video tutorials serve as the cornerstone of various blended courses as part of various traditional courses. According to multiple studies, video tutorials enhance the learning of numerous studies. It is a useful educational tool.

Students’ Engagement in the Video Tutorials!

Including the elements that help in promoting the students’ engagement is the most prominent aspect of creating these educational video tutorials. Students cannot learn anything from the videos if they do not watch these video tutorials. The promotion of students’ engagement can be derived from research on multimedia, and the recent work on the video tutorial is being used within MOOCs. For engaging more and more students, we have done the following in our video tutorials;
1. we have kept the videos short
2. We have used a conversational style for creating videos.
3. Our professors are sputtering with enthusiasm.
4. We make sure that the material of the videos will make the students feel like this is the only thing for which they were waiting.

Active learning through Video Tutorials

We are providing essential tools which can help the students to process the information which helps the students to get most out of the educational video tutorials. Students can monitor various tools for their understanding. There are many ways to learn effectively through videos.
1. Using interactive features which students can control
2. Using guiding questions
3. Making the video as a part of the significant homework assignment
4. Integrating questions into the videos
Students may experience lots of reading while watching videos. Students need to do processing and self-evaluation to understand the video tutorials, which lead to the best learning through the videos.

Video tutorials can be the best and useful tool for learning in the best way. Students those cannot attend the offline classes due to approachability and affordability can learn through these video tutorials. As Hindi is an international language of India, so most of the people speak Hindi here. Thus, we have created all the video tutorials in Hindi so that all students can understand them better. Online video tutorials will help all the students in the best way as by watching the videos, again and again, students can better understand and learn all concepts.

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