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Is English Compulsory for Digital Marketing Career

Is English Compulsory for Digital Marketing Career

Priyank Dadhich March 31, 2021
Is English Compulsory for Digital Marketing Career

Are you from the Hindi medium or  English your second language. ? You always struggle with good English, Many of you may have these questions Does English speaking matter in a digital marketing job? Is English Compulsory for Digital Marketing Job? Is good English mandatory for digital marketing

Well because it is an international language. English as a language is quite prioritized in India. So for getting suitable digital marketing jobs too you need to be at least understanding knowledge in of english. Like if you want to have a career in digital marketing then yes understanding English is vital.

Note that this post is especially for those who are from other mediums and English is not their first language. Go through the entire content to see which digital marketing areas that require intense English language and which areas does not .

Importance of English in Digital Marketing 

To be a part of digital marketing, you should understand the importance of English and learn it. If you want to market your product online and want to sell it in the online market, then you have to make your clients understand your product in English. Also, you will have to write content for your product in English. You have to convince your buyers and clients in English. To sell your product in the international market, you should know English because English is a global language.

Several students complain that after Digital marketing course, they are earning very little. The only reason behind this is the lack of English. They have learned all in the course, but when they for promoting their product, they fail to do so due to lack of English. It is the first biggest drawback in the students’ caliber. The second factor is that digital marketing goes on changing rapidly. You will get to know all about new techniques of digital marketing by reading new blogs regarding it — all you need to know English.

  • Connect with people on a worldwide basis 

English lets you interact and communicate with people all over the world. Officially the language is the medium of communication for more than 53 countries. Therefore when you are studying digital marketing automatically you get a chance to enjoy worldwide exposure. And that, in turn, increases the chance of getting more high-paid jobs in digital marketing. 

  • Proper English teaches you to produce error-free contents 

Once you learn the knicks and knacks of the English language you become an abled writer. And success in digital marketing counts on writing flawless content in English as that will help to popularise your business in the entire world. Compellingly producing grammatically correct writing pieces will add more glamour to your brand. Eventually, the insertion of keywords will increase the rank of your site on the search engine ranking page. 

  • English is preferred by the digital media industry 

The prominence of English can be seen in the digital media industry. From website contents to video contents all are majorly in English. Therefore having proficiency in this language will add great footage to your website. Also, search engines will rank your website as the preferred one provided the contents are incorrect English. 


Career In digital marketing without English knowledge

Those who want to make their career in digital marketing should have English knowledge. A career in digital marketing is a perfect option, but all you should know is about English. When you are looking for a job in digital marketing and going for an interview, you should only speak in proper English. Jobs in consultancy services do not require the appropriate knowledge of English.

In the coming years, English is going to be the most significant factor of digital marketing, which you should know. All who are taking Short term course in Jaipur for digital marketing should also learn English side by side.

Digital Marketing Job Roles without Good English

Well if you want to establish your career as a digital marketing tool expert, then honestly it’s not mandatory much proficiency in English. But always remember that there is no such digital marketing field where English is not important. Every field of digital marketing requires English Like the areas we have talked about here require less English. 

  • Promotion of a business

If you want to promote your business, then you don’t need much expertise in the English language. But yes knowing a bit of English will let you express what your brand, product, or service is exactly about. 

  • Social media Ads

To generate ads on social media or for running Google Ads also you don’t have to write outstanding English an elementary English writing knowledge will do. 

  • Marketing management 

To manage marketing and campaigns also you don’t require to write high vocabulary enriched English. The minimum reading and writing skills will serve the purpose.

Good English is compulsory in these Digital Marketing Jobs

Here we will talk about the areas of digital marketing that require a profound understanding of English so follow the pointers to have an idea on that. Note that these areas are, especially for the client, servicing, and if you want to start your digital marketing job. 

  • content writing 

Talking about areas of digital marketing that need mastery In the English language, first comes content writing in the category. You need to learn the art of presenting your content in a meaningful and relevant way. Here you need to know the art of writing grammatically enriched sentences because that boosts your presence. 

  • Email marketing 

Email marketing is one such field of digital marketing that too requires proficiency in the language. Effective email marketing demands the best of your vocabulary usage. To write this meaningfully you need to be direct, precise, and short. Also, you need to have the competency to use your English language intelligently to make it sound clear and understandable.  

  • International communication 

Suppose you have a client from abroad or want to promote your product in any foreign country, then also you need to have great command in English.

  • Conversion of leads 

Even you need to have a great understanding of English when you are dealing with the process of lead conversion in the field. As lead conversion deals with the email nurturing and process of sales. So good English will let you communicate and understand the behavior of your customers nicely. 


Final say 

The digital marketing field demands an understanding of English both reading and writing if you want to be in the job. However, you don’t require to have expertise in English, Some job roles required good proficiency in English but some responsibilities can be done with average English if you are intending to pursue a career as a digital marketing expert.