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Earning opportunity in drop shipping in India

Earning opportunity in drop shipping in India

Priyank Dadhich April 8, 2021
Earning opportunity in drop shipping in India

Are you looking for a new business venture which should be online based? Then dropshipping business model is a great option to pursue. So in this article, we will talk in detail about the business model of drop shipping, benefits, how it works and why you should do this type of e-commerce business that you can expect, earning from dropshipping, and the drop shipping network in India. Let’s Start

What is dropshipping Model?

The dropshipping model is quite fulfilling in a true sense as it gives you chance to purchase items from the wholesaler and deliver them to the customers directly. 

Here there is no need to buy items in bulk from the wholesaler rather you can list out the items that you want to buy from the supplier for selling. As soon as you receive the order you can call the supplier for the merchandise. Now after getting the intimation from you the supplier will simply collect the product from the warehouse and will ship it to the concerned customer. Note that here you don’t require to pay any extra amount only you will have to pay the charge for the items which are shipped. 

Note – Here Note you don’t have to ship the parcel, the supplier will directly send the product to the customer without its branding. so your customer never know actual supplier name and details.

How much can you earn from the drop-shipping model? 

Well before getting an answer to your question remember that money earned from drop shipping will differ for individuals. It also depends on your experience, the knowledge you gathered, what marketing strategy you are trying. Other than that the niche you are working on, the trends of the market, the economic situation you are presently in, all these matters. However approximately you can enjoy a 10 to 40 per cent margin of profit on each sale. 

In India, you can majorly expect to have 2,00,000 to 5,0,0000 lakhs rs yearly. The monthly profit you can expect to get around 20,000 to 50,000 rs initially. 

How do I start a dropshipping business?

To start the dropshipping business. You need to follow these steps below

Step 1 – Select a niche(product line, In which type of product you deal) you prefer to work on. 

Step 2 – Then make a detailed research on the products that your rivals are selling in the market. List some of the notable pros and cons.  

Step 3 – Once you are done verifying the market just be sure to contact an authentic dropshipping supplier. 

Step 4 – Create Website or Online Store,  In the meantime have the online store you can use WordPress of Shopify for this

Step 5 – List Products with proper description on the website. Make sure your website must be attractive with proper User Interface

Step 6 – Promote your Website, Make sure to promote your dropshipping website, you can use Facebook & Instagram Ads for low-budget marketing. 

Evaluate and work on areas that need more attention. By doing so try to uplift your online store.

Benefits of Dropshipping business model

As per people the opportunity and scope in dropshipping are much compared to Affiliate marketing. It is because the supposed X person has to sell items but he does not have any inventory now he takes the items from Y person. Now he has drop shipped the item to Z person. 

The best about a drop shipper is that he never reveals that from whom the product came. 

Understand  Dropshipping with example

For example, you created a website and upload a product here priced it 700 , while this product purchase cost is 500 for you. Now you did marketing and generate traffic on your website. He will purchase from your website by paying 700 RP now you will order to main supplier website by paying 500 RP and that original supplier will send that product to the customer without his branding

The drop shipper never uses his or her logo and sends you the product as an anonymous sender. 

Who can do dropshipping 

You don’t need to be a graduate to start dropshipping and can earn lakhs. After class 10 or 12 you can start drop shipping. But make sure that you get some practical exposure to dropshipping, Digital marketing, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing & All

Drop shipping network in India 

Talking about the well-known drop shipping network in India here we have listed some. So take a look to understand 


It is one of the expansive e-commerce business platforms in India. The business is known for its authenticity and transparency. The online store shows up more than 5,00,000 lakh products. It manages a sound shipping network all over India. Reasons to choose Baapstore are the following 

  • Get the maximum amount of profit from selling products 
  • The delivery process is hassle-free
  • You can handle the sales and marketing from your mobile or laptop anytime you want.

Trade India 

It is one of the reputed dropshipping platforms in India following a back-to-back business concept. Since its inception, it has won the support of huge clients based in pan India. For more than 20 years the company has provided a stable platform that abled it to earn trust and loyalty. Why should you choose it? 

  1. You can enjoy great flexibility in regards to product variation. 
  2. Overall you have the chance to try out more than 2000 categories of products.
  3. The company also offers you a payment protection scheme. 


One more dropshipping platform name that made it to the list is Salehoo. With more than two and half million products the company has got about 8000 suppliers. 

  • The company will train you on dropshipping for infinite time. 
  • The customer support is cordial 
  • One can avail the research tools to get an idea of market trends 
  • Enjoy a great Margin on profit.


 career in dropshipping business in India

Yes, the career of dropshipping is flourishing in India because India has quite a large population. Here the product variety is also quite expansive. So the product looks enticing then they go for it. 

Final say 

Hence drop shipping is sought after because It does not entail many risks even investments are minimal. On top of that, the risk is also quite less.