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Digital Marketing Terminologies

Digital Marketing Terminologies

Priyank Dadhich April 8, 2021
Digital Marketing Terminologies

Digital Marketing terminologies are very vast, a lot of technical terms are confusing. For a beginner or fresher in digital marketing we are listing some   digital marketing terminologies. that they can learn and polish their terms used in the digital marketing industry

Basic Terms in SEO 

Seo is also known as search engine optimization. The main intention is to increase the visibility of the site in the search engines on keywords related to your business. Further, it can be classified in on Page,  Off-Page SEO & Technical SEO

On-page SEO 

On-page SEO also known as on-page optimization is the process when measures were taken inside the website to improve its ranking on the search engine ranking page. For example like optimizing the content by improving its meta description. 

Off-page SEO 

Off-page SEO refers to the kind of work that the SEO team does outside the website to increase the ranking of the site. The adding of links to your site enhances the importance of your site in front of Google. 

Technical SEO 

Technical SEO helps to optimize the website for crawling and indexing. It shows that your site is very valuable by doing so it urges the search engine to increase its rank.

Organic traffic 

Organic traffic means the traffic that any site gets from unpaid search results. 


CTR the abbreviated form of the click-through rate. It shows the percentage of total impressions an click received when your website gets searched on particular keyword


The webmaster looks after the overall performance of the site through the search engine and that includes the design, speed of the site. The webmaster also keeps eye on the content and marketing endeavors. 

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is the analytical web tool designed to garner data related to websites. It is most popular and is available free of cost. 

Terms used in Facebook ads & Social Media Ads

Facebook ads precisely target the users in regards to their location, profile, and demography. Here you need to set the budget after the ad creation and then bid for individual items click. 

Facebook campaigns 

A Facebook campaign means selecting an objective which refers to the action that you want people to take after seeing your ads. 

Advertisement objectives 

Advertisement objective means what you expect your viewers to do after seeing your ad. For example, you may need the reach of your brand, leads for business, views on videos, downloads of an application, and many more


It is a kind of digital marketing where you make your visitors recall the products and services you are offering in case they did not make any purchase. For example, you show them that relevant text or visual ads as they visit any other site. 

Conversion rate 

Conversion rate means the percentage of the visitors who are there on your website to fulfill the anticipated goal out of the total number of users. You need to invest in fruitful web design and marketing to get a higher rate of conversion. 


In pay-per-click, PPC marketing, the exact rate that you pack for individual clicks is the CPC.  in simple how much money you paid for getting a click in google ads.

Engagement rate 

Engagement rate is the unit that is used to determine the engagement or interaction that develops between the content creators and followers who follows the content crafted by the user or the brand. 

Words used during Email marketing 

Email marketing is about marketing products and services through email. The main goal is to get new customers and retain the existing base of customers. 

Click to Open rate 

The click-to-open rate is for comparing the exclusive clicks to the exclusive opens. It shows that how effectively, the design, content, and email messages performed. 

Other Important terms of Digital Marketing


An influencer is one of the well-known digital marketing terms. It means the person has the right to influence targeted customers on social media by sharing content. 


It means the number of times your content has been shown on Facebook ads or Google ads or in search Engine

Final say 

Finally, we have ended our elaborate list of important digital marketing terminologies. By knowing this you can strengthen your knowledge about digital marketing. You get a chance to embrace exposure offered by digital marketing.