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Digital Marketing Freshers Salary

Digital Marketing Freshers Salary

Priyank Dadhich June 29, 2021
Digital Marketing Freshers Salary

Do you want to know the average salary of digital marketing freshers in India? If so, then this blog post is for you! With information about how much they make and what skills they need, it will help you decide if this career path is right for you.

This blog post discusses the average salary of digital marketing fresher in India. Starting with how much they generally earn and what kind of skills are necessary, we’ll explore why there’s such a high demand for professionals in this field.

What is the starting salary after Digital Marketing Course?

The average starting salaries for digital marketers vary from region to region. In the capital city of Mumbai, it is about INR 12000 – 15000 per month. The amount ranges between Rs 3000-4000 daily and can go up to Rs 6000-8000 on occasions like festivals or the Christmas season.

Salary range of a DM Manager in India

Entry-level jobs at companies such as Google could start around Rs 12000 – 15000 per month. Jobs that require more experience may earn anywhere from Rs 35k-$100k+ depending on qualifications and past performance in other roles. Some employees have been known to make over six figures!

Most DM managers are required to have a minimum of four years, two postgraduate degrees, or seven years’ worth of relevant work experience before they can apply for the position; this is due in part because most MDMs need strong leadership skills and customer service abilities in order to be successful. Most DMM’s will also study marketing communications or business management courses during their time of employment so these should not count toward the total number of years worked.

PPC / paid Ads Analyst Salaries in India

Salary Range : Rs 35k-$100k+

Main Duties: account management, campaign setup, and optimization

Qualifications: Minimum of four years work experience in digital marketing or a similar field. Minimum two postgraduate degrees are required for this position. Must be able to speak English fluently with a strong command of the language; it is also preferred that applicants have knowledge about business administration as well as marketing communications courses.

Knowledge Required: digital advertising trends (e-commerce campaigns using PPC) and familiarity with industry-standard software such as Adobe Photoshop, Google Adwords, Microsoft Powerpoint, etc Other related skills will vary depending on where an applicant falls within their career path but these should not count towards the total number of years worked

##SEO Specialist salary range

The salary range for SEO Specialists in India is INR 12500-35000 per month. These are the average salaries of digital marketing Freshers, not including bonuses and stock options.

#seo specialist job responsibilities

SEO Specialists are responsible for enhancing the rankings of a company’s website through various SEO analytics and best practices.

Typical Tasks:

* Evaluate search engine results to identify gaps in organic coverage * Identify keywords that can bring traffic, links, or both * Develop content strategies that increase engagement on social media platforms like Facebook and

#Salary range of Content Writer

The fresher salary range for Content Writer in India is INR 8000-20000 per month.

##Content writer job responsibilities

– Researching and writing content as well as editing content for website optimization

– Writing blog posts, articles, emails, and social media updates to drive engagement or get a message out

– Ensuring quality of all marketing messages by following best practices such as SEO guidelines and keyword research

– Creating outreach programs (i.e., press releases) that will target potential customers in the right industry sector with relevant information about their business service/product offerings