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What are the Difference Between Digital Marketing and SEO

What are the Difference Between Digital Marketing and SEO

Priyank Dadhich April 13, 2021
What are the Difference Between Digital Marketing and SEO

Any graduate who is eager to pursue a career in the field of digital marketing is often confused about whether to do a course in digital marketing or Seo. Even they are confused with the job as well like whether to do digital marketing job or job in Seo. Well, you should know that Digital marketing and Seo both are interchangeable words in terms of understanding. But both are different. Now let’s see in this whole article how the two fields follow their course.

Digital Marketing includes SEO

The end goal of any business is to generate revenue, so to do that a company needs to create brand awareness, and for that marketing is important. Now as these days the entire thing is based on the Internet so internet marketing is in vogue and that online marketing is only termed digital marketing. Digital marketing is made of these said modules such as 

  • SEO (Yes, SEO just a little part of Digital Marketing)
  • SMO
  • SMM
  •  Content marketing 
  • Email marketing 
  • PPC advertising 
  • Affiliate marketing 

Digital Marketing V/S SEO

Let,s take a scenario. you have a product and want to do its marketing with creating a brand. To do marketing you need a website, and then you rank that website based on different keywords related to your industry that a user can search. That will help to bring much targeted traffic. Once you get good traffic there will be a chance to get good customers who will buy something from the platform, and that will increase the sales & revenue. 

How SEO differs from digital marketing 

So after preparing the website, optimizing the website and ranking it as per different search engines, and getting traffic, the whole thing includes in  Seo Activity.  Remember Seo is a segment of digital marketing. Note that Seo focuses on both on-page optimization and off-page optimization.  It includes Backlinks, content optimization, User interface optimization, UX Optimization. Overall things include SEO to generate revenue through your website without spending money on Paid Ads., while digital marketing also includes Paid ads and funnel.  For more details please read – Paid marketing v/s seo for lead generation

Things that we do in digital marketing but not in SEO

Paid Ads – Lead Generation, Brand Awareness, Remarketing, and a lot of things that is done by paid ads is part of digital marketing, not SEO

Remarketing – You can show the ads to your existing customers, or the customer who visited your product before which are known as remarketing. 

Email Marketing – Send emails to subscribers or existing customers and that is also a part of digital marketing.

So I think from this, you will get an overview of how SEO and digital marketing differ from each other. SEO is just related to ranking and organic traffic while digital marketing strategies have lots to do

Understand SEO & Digital Marketing Difference in Depth

The main goal of Seo is to enhance the number of visitors organically from search engine platforms such as Yahoo, Bing, Google. To get organic traffic one has to rely on the potential prospectors and website visitors. 

Next Seo targets to get the page on the selected keywords or phrases at the highest position in Google search. Now that position will help the site draw customers and that will help to increase sales. 

  1. SEO is one of the digital tools of Digital Marketing

Seo is just a part or you can say it is one of the significant tools of digital marketing. When you decide to market a website you have to start with Seo. Certainly, a website with proper optimization serves as the ground for the rest of the marketing work. 

  1. Organic and paid Traffic

Seo is about pushing the website to a higher position. The higher the page will reach it will be able to draw more organic traffic. 

Seo is a part of digital marketing. As you know that these days competition is too much so when you talk about paid marketing or about the entire funnel development where the major portion is related to paid marketing note that it also incorporates the SEO.  Learning SEO is one of the recommended skills for business growth

Remember that digital marketing relies on pay-per-click advertisements such as Facebook and Google ads. 

  1. Budget of digital marketing and Seo. 

If a company asks you to manage the full digital marketing campaign of the concerned product or service that means it includes everything from brand awareness to getting positive reviews online. So any company will charge you high for providing comprehensive digital marketing compared to Seo.

On the other hand, Seo is a part of digital marketing that means if you consider digital marketing as 100 percent then out of that SEO is only 10 percent so the amount required for Seo is less because you have to pay for that 10 percent only. 

Final say 

Both Seo and digital marketing are not similar. As we have discussed above both of them work differently. But yes previously the concept was almost the same but now companies work on different parameters. And they consider that only ranking a website and offering full digital marketing support are two different things. So don’t get confused because it is better to learn full digital marketing as a course because Seo is one of the parts of digital marketing.