Can you get a job with a digital marketing course?

Can you get a job with a digital marketing course

For job hunters, digital marketing is one of the most sought-after job fields. Considering the Indian market the jobs in the digital market will be the mainstay. It is because a digital marketeer can get excellent salaries, more lucrative opportunities. As per data, by 2022 there will be more than 1,50,000 digital marketing jobs in the market. So be ready to be the first among the digital marketing job seekers. Digital marketing jobs are there but you need to keep in mind these few things so that you can get the job easily. 

Types of digital marketing jobs

Before understanding the job market you need to have a brief idea of the types of digital marketing jobs that are available in the market. 

  • Digital marketing manager 

Digital marketing professionals working as managers are accountable for planning, creating, and managing the entire digital marketing task strategically. Also, They are responsible for supervising the digital marketing projects. On top of that, it is the digital marketing managers who assure that the project will get accomplished properly. 

  • Seo executive 

The job as a seo executive in the field of digital marketing is quite a in demand. The main role of the seo executive is to rank the client’s website to get good traffic. They mostly emphasize building links, avoiding keyword repetition. At the same time, have a proper understanding of the algorithms. 

  • Social media marketing 

Social media marketing is one of the growing niches of digital marketing. Therefore professionals with expertise in digital marketing can apply for social media executives as well. They have expertise in dealing with various social media channels and takes care of customer satiation. Overall their job role includes content creation, branding to engaging with customers. 

  • Email marketing professional 

Email marketing professionals do craft and look after email promotions. They even take part in creating email designing and layout. Also, ensure it is mobile-friendly and eye-catching. 

  • Content marketing executive 

Content marketing executives do create and distribute the content. They take care of both on-page and off-page content by targeting the right set of audiences to bring traffic to the business.

  • Inbound marketing executive 

Inbound marketing executives create content strategically to entice possible prospects. They strive to convert the prospects into leads and then customers. 

How should you write a resume on digital marketing 

Points to remember 

  • First, remember about your targets 
  • Then include the values that set you different from others 
  • Add some offer value 

Example. Suppose you are applying for the post of SEO, make sure you highlight the so related skills 

Things that you should focus on while preparing the digital marketing resume 

  • Formatting of the resume 

You should follow a precise format. While describing your qualities do that in bullets. Additionally, avoid any kind of grammatical errors. 

  • Length of resume 

You try to cover up all your bios on one page.

  • Date of employment or internship 

You should add the previous job experience. Add the Practical experience you had with different digital marketing tools. Also state the job responsibility, projects you have been involved with. Finally, highlight more on your capabilities related to the digital marketing field. In case of internships talk about the company and projects you were with earlier. 

  • College 

Also, mention your schooling and colleges. Do say the year of pass out and add the details of the certification if you have any in digital marketing 

Places where can you find suitable digital marketing jobs 

  • Online job portals 

Well, these are some of the most searched online job portals with a great presence in the Indian market. Follow them at once. 

Job offering portals


Angel. co


Internship offering companies


While applying to these companies, make sure your profile s complete. Don’t forget to add your key expertise in digital marketing. 

  • Company’s website 

You can go directly to the company’s website and search through the Career section and apply for the job. 

  •  Send email 

You can even shoot a direct email to the email I’d of the concerned company. 

  • Referral program 

Also, can look for a referral program that means if you have any near one can ask for a job reference 

  • Facebook groups to get job 

You can join various Facebook groups for prospective job offers on digital marketing 

Tips that you should remember before joining the digital marketing industry 

  • Research the concerned company 
  • Have different resume for different companies as per the job requirement 
  • The cv should be relevant and worthy 
  • Have practical knowledge about the projects you did 
  • Learn interview etiquette’s like how to dress, communicate and present yourself in front of the interviewer. 

Final say 

Follow these tips and facts that we shared with you so that you can get the desired digital marketing job certainly. 

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