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Why CakePHP Instead Of CorePHP

The key difference between CorePHP and CakePHP is that CorePHP is the server side scripting language whereas the CorePHP is a framework- a set of written code that the developers customize to create dynamic websites. Indeed, CakePHP is based on the concepts of CorePHP or we can say CorePHP is the originator of CakePHP. However, there are some benefits that increase the usability of CakePHP over the Core.

We cannot deny the viability of CorePHP because it is the base of every PHP framework. However, we need to scrutinize the requirement of the project to decide the compatible technology for the development. In the current scenario, the CakePHP seems more profitable compare to Core.

Why CakePHP over the CorePHP?

As we know that CakePHP is a framework, now it will be interesting to know about its usability in terms of accessibility, reliability, time- saving and consistency. The rich sets of code in this framework make sure a developer need not to embed code continually. The CakePHP framework offers the facility to enable teamwork within a team. The better team coordination helps in integrating the entire module just in one shot.

One of the key factors of using CakePHP is the presence of MVC (Model View Controller) that makes sure the separation of methods, designs and logics.

Modification is the biggest headache for any freelance developer or a development company. A client never says a final yes to the project. There always remains a space for improvement. The situation may arise where client evaluates the final project and tells about the changes needs to be made in it. Now, if the development was accomplished in Core PHP at that time, you won’t agree to make changes in it. However, in case of CakePHP, it would be like a cakewalk for the developers because of the simplicity of CakePHP.




August 10, 2017